Avoid Fatigued Driving

According to reports released by the roadways department, nearly 26 per cent of all road crashes and accidents are due to fatigue or drowsiness while driving. If you know someone or if you have been directly involved with a fatigued driver, contact dallas personal injury lawyer who will help you with the compensation and claim settlement. Read trending articles at www.lawdepot.com, so you know the law like a pro.

Causes Of Fatigue Syndrome There are several contributing factors for a sleep-deprived person to sit behind the steering wheel. It is seen that young men who drive late at night are often found to be fatigued. Consumption of alcoholic substances, certain medications and use of drugs can cause drowsiness. People who worked in night shifts were more likely to get insufficient sleep.

Most of the techniques used to stay awake while driving included listening to music, talking to a co-passenger, eating food or drinking caffeine. These tricks are dangerous and can even lead to accidents whether or not you are feeling sleepy.

Tips To Stay Awake While Driving Road authorities offer useful ideas to help the driver from dozing off while driving.

Ensure You Get Good Night’s Rest If you have a long trip the following day, or your work requires you to be driving continuously, ensure that you get a good night's sleep. If you have to work overnight, inform the concerned authority, so you do not become a victim of fatigued driving.

A good night’s rest implies uninterrupted sleep without distractions like gadgets or loud noise.

Avoid Alcohol Avoid alcoholic beverages in any form and heavy food that can cause drowsiness. If you are under medications or you know that there are side effects like drowsiness, ask a friend to drive instead.

Take Breaks Do not drive long distances continuously without a break. Take short breaks to relax your muscles or stretch your body. If you are driving on the highway, look for a safe place where you can stop your vehicle and take a nap. If you feel fresh after waking up, continue your journey else rest for some time.

It would be a good idea to take your friend along if you are driving alone. Talk to them, so your mind does not switch itself off. However, if you are traveling in a group, take turns to drive the vehicle.

Avoid Caffeine One of the common mistakes people tend to commit is consuming caffeine to stay awake. They offer temporary relief, and no amount of tea or colas will help if you are sleep deprived.

Avoid Peak Times Avoid driving during the peak hours in the afternoon and later at night from 10 pm to wee hours of the morning. If you should travel, take turns to drive or ask a friend to accompany you.

Consult A Doctor It is best to visit a doctor if you are experiencing drowsiness or sleep-related problems. The doctor will examine the underlying conditions and advise accordingly.

With these simple tips, you can drive responsibly and consciously on the road. Make an effort to practice them today so that you can contribute to safe driving.